Tatum Ranch Golf Club ~ Advisory Board Election Bio

April 03, 2019

This following is temporary and serves as a page for our golf club advisory board elections. I am posting my bio below for our fellow members at ©Tatum Ranch Golf Club.  People should really "love what you do and do what you love..." ~ a great quote by Ray Bradbury. 

I’m Tammie Hughes and I’m a candidate for the Tatum Ranch Advisory Board. I have served on the Food & Beverage Committee for the last ten years. I am a trained chef and writer. I have quite the diverse background and those experiences have shaped who I am today.

In Virginia - I owned and operated a catering company, a restaurant, a hotel, and a produce market. Prior to that I owned an herbal vinegar and oil company and was the administrative assistant at a landscape / garden center. 

In Pennsylvania - I worked at the ©Times Leader Newspaper; overseeing the Newspapers in Education Department. 

In Florida - I was the Financial Administrator for a 501-C3; ©St Peter’s United Methodist Church. 

In North Carolina - I was an Arbitrator for the largest auto auction on the east coast; followed by a year-long stint with the NASCAR® Winston Cup Travel Team. 

In Minnesota - I focused on my writing. I have contributed to many trade newsletters, magazines, and websites; and published a book of poetry, ©Riddles, Rhymes, and Stop Signs. I also developed my website: ©GuideToLifeForWomen.com; which I still maintain today.

I am currently the Vice President of Restaurant Renewal™, LLC; a consulting/management company for the hospitality industry. Our company President is my husband, Smokey, who spent over forty years on the executive teams of multi-million dollar restaurant brands.

We joined Tatum Ranch after moving to Arizona over twelve years ago; and have made lasting friendships here. This past season we became lifetime members of the club. 

I believe my skills, experiences, and dedication to the betterment of Tatum Ranch will enhance my ability to serve as your personal representative. Thank you for your consideration.

by TR Hughes, © 2008 - 2019 GuideToLifeForWomen.com. All rights reserved worldwide.

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