DIY - Distressed Wood Board with Hooks and Hinges

We recently purchased a couple of authentic Navajo pieces that we wanted to display.  I couldn't figure out how to do that exactly.  My shopping for southwest items to use for that purpose was less than successful.  Here's what I ended up doing.

I purchased some pre-cut wood from Lowe's and a couple of hooks and a hinge. 

I first painted the boards with some brown, black, silver and smudged it all around with a wet cloth.  I thin distressed the wood using the claw end of a hammer and a screwdriver - scratching, digging, and banging...all the while; I even made some screw holes and purposely split the wood.

After distressing, I added some more black paint to those areas and wiped it off for an even more weathered look.  In my experience you always have to "hurt" the corners - which is what happens in everyday wear and tear; this gives the wood a more authentic look.

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