Buck & Rider ~ Classic Arcadia

Buck & Rider in Arcadia (Phoenix, Arizona) emits a classic Arcadia feel we have all come to love for the area.  The indoor/outdoor venue is swanky and oftentimes it's hard to get a seat at the bar.  

We did, however, land at the bar one evening and I enjoyed what I can only describe as an unfiltered sparking wine; I even asked if it had a splash of grapefruit.  It did not. But, after a few sips it really began to grow on me.  

Pere Lachaise is the most haunted cemetery just outside of Paris; go figure.  

Wiki Cemetery Info

But drinker beware, the sparkling wine of the same name on the Buck & Rider menu may haunt your taste buds. We had the seafood tower (Papago) with extra oysters, which are a great deal for the happy hour at two bucks each.

While the tower came in at $90 on it's own; it was simply delicious.  The two of us had the tower, a dozen oysters and several libations.  They offer 3 sizes for the shellfish tower.

Highly recommended!  

Buck & Rider Website

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