January 11, 2008

About Me:
Author, Blogger, Natural Health Researcher (Addict), Former Chef, Restaurateur, and Hotel Owner.

Hi, I'm Tammie. I was born in Southern Virginia.  I have made a home in various locations including: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and Minnesota.  I currently reside in Arizona and have to say I am proud to call the desert home.

I'm a blogger; mostly for fun. I have written for various In-House Trade Newsletters and I released a Book of Poetry in 2009, Riddles, Rhymes, and Stop Signs.

I enjoy golf, cooking, entertaining, gardening, reading, learning new things, and I am an official wine taster.

I am a former chef, caterer, restaurateur, and hotel owner.

I am an avid nutritional researcher and advocate for natural/ alternative health and healing; spurred on by my personal health battles and a quest for answers.

I believe that finding your true life's purpose and following your dreams is the best gift you can give to yourself and to the world. Remember my Personal Motto: “Live Well. Live on Purpose. Live Your Dreams.”

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