November 6, 2008

Consistency is key to any worthwhile results when it comes to execise and fitness

Consistency...that little word throws around a lot of weight. If only it were easier to achieve. I get all gung-ho about new things and go for the gusto in the beginning and then usually fizzle out after only a few short weeks. This is something I am working on. Even posting to this blog...I am trying to be fairly consistent. But, what I am referring to here is consistency in exercise. Three, five, or seven days a week...whatever the plan is it is truly best to stick with it. In order to achieve results or even measure your new routine for effectiveness it is imperative to be consistent for at least a couple of months and then we can revisit the plan if need be. I speak to myself here more than not but I am certain there are others just like me...I am not that unique. So I have, yet again, embarked upon a new exercise and fitness routine and I will certainly share with you its' effectiveness should I follow through with that wonderful, magical, aloof consistency.

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